Monday, July 22, 2013

About Me...

Hello, my name is Mrs. Lisa Kelly and I am the PreK-4 (Four year olds) teacher at Our Lady of Peace School.  Each year here is filled with learning, caring, community, socializing, worshiping, growing, sharing, and fun of course!!  We are a cummunity of learners, and therefore a family.  We learn to play together and to respect one another.  We learn about good choices and bad choices and we always strive to make the right choice.  Each years end I am so proud to see the growth and self-assurance in my students.  I am sad to see them leave, but I am comforted in knowing that they will be successful.  At the same time I look forward, eagerly, to my new bunch of little learners and I am excited for another year of growth.
     The Our Lady of Peace Early Childhood Program is a full day/ five day program for children ages 3,4, and 5.  All Pre-K children go to Computer class, Gym, Music, Art, Spanish, and Religion once a week.  Children use the gym and playroom for gross motor activities.  They all attend age appropriate assemblies. and Mass and Prayer Services.  There is an end of the year "graduation ceremony" as well.  Daily activities include:  Religion, Art, Music, Pre-Reading, Writing and Math skills, as well as an introduction to Science and Social Studies.
     The Early Childhood Programs at Our Lady of Peace School embrace children of every race, culture, and socio-economic background.  The programs provide for children's special needs while capitalizing on, and accentuating, the beauty of their diversity.
     Children have a tremendous potential for growth.  Their God given imaginations and contemplative minds are eager for stimulation.  In a warm, caring, risk-free environment, our teachers manifest Catholic beliefs, values, and attitudes.  Young children are encouraged to develop a positive image of themselves and others as they continue to live the Gospel message.

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